You are currently viewing French Days Spring 2021: Promotions, Best Poppers & Pleasure!

French Days Spring 2021: Promotions, Best Poppers & Pleasure!

The French Days of Spring 2021 are coming on Poppers Aromas!

Starting the 28th of April, you will find the French Days 2021 spring edition on Poppers Aromas.

Spring means sunshine, walks and aperitifs… So why don’t you awaken your senses by tasting the powerful aromas of poppers. Enjoy its euphoric and aphrodisiac effects.

So tomorrow, the French Days begin! You will finally enjoy these sweet aromas. But which poppers will you choose? The French Days start this Wednesday 28th April and end on the 3rd May 2021 at midnight. 

This year Poppers Aromas is full of surprises! We are fortunate to be able to supply you with new brands and references. Today, we are proud to be able to provide you with more than 80 poppers references. As part of French Days, you can take advantage of discounts on the entire website: single poppers, packs of poppers, sexual stimulants… It’s time to stock up!

On the agenda: new products, classics, made in France poppers

There are many ranges of poppers that may interest you. The latest addition is the brand with the lightning bolt logo, Rush Poppers, which is back exclusively on Poppers Aromas: in units, batches or packs: Rush Gold, Super Rush Black Label, Rush PWD Original and Rush Zero. 

If you are more of a 100% made in France poppers fan, then you will be happy with several brands such as Gate, Jolt (Pur Amyl, Pur Amy Propyl) or Everest Aromas and its 7 wonders. 

Are you a fan of classic flavors? Then choose poppers like JJ Platinum poppers (learn more about the Jungle Juice Platinum) or Blue Boy big poppers.

Rush Poppers

Poppers Aromas at your service!

Our strength is our worldwide fast delivery! Get a free delivery for orders over €60 for the UK. We value your privacy, so the parcels are neutral, with no mention of the word “poppers” or the name of the shop “Poppers Aromas“. Your wildest desires will remain a secret. 

To sum up

  • The French Days will take place from April 28 to May 3, 2021 at midnight
  • Available on the entire shop
  • Almost 90 poppers reference
  • Sexual stimulants
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • 100% discreet packages
  • After-sales service available 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm

We are waiting for you!


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