You are currently viewing Hexyl nitrite. The new poppers formula you should try!

Hexyl nitrite. The new poppers formula you should try!

Nowadays, everybody speaks about poppers as these euphorising and vasodilator products can give you unique and powerful sensations! We have decided to sell a new type of poppers made from a new formula called hexyl nitrite. Read what’s below to discover more about it.

Poppers, products made for fun.

They have several properties and were able to become essential in France and all over the world and this for many reasons as they’re vasodilators, euphorising and accelerate your heart rate. But what is the goal of poppers? To accelerate your heart rate and dilate your blood vessels. Poppers are much appreciated among the gay community but also by those wishing to spice up their sex life or just to have fun. What is so special about poppers? Their effects are immediate, powerful and decrease rapidly.

What will you feel if you try poppers?

To take poppers, you have to inhale the product, which is so easy to do. Besides, you won’t suffer from any symptoms of addiction and the products are generally legal. After inhaling some poppers, you’ll feel lighter, your heart rate will accelerate and your skin will be more sensitive.

You’ll feel your heart beating faster and your head might feel as if it was pressed on. You should have a feeling of well being though you could have a headache. This is where our new poppers come into action to remedy this problem.

So what exactly is this new formula?

Most poppers are made from a formula containing either amyl or pentyl nitrite but at Poppers Aromas we have decided to sell 3 ranges without both these formulas. So now you can find 30 ml poppers made from hexyl nitrite: Blue Boy, Jungle Juice Platinum and The Real Amsterdam. And if you still wonder why we have changed the formula of these three types of poppers, you’ll understand that it’s for your benefits. First, this formula is non toxic and harmless for the environment and your health as well. In case of contact with your skin or your eyes, you won’t have any sensation of burn.

Next, this new formula is odour free therefore you won’t have headaches any more. And last but not least, though the sensations will take a little more time to be felt, they will last longer. So why not have a try!

Innovation on the market.

If you have never tried poppers before, you can start with one of the three different types of poppers made from our new formula from hexyl. If you’re a beginner, we advise you test several ones to make sure you find the right poppers that will suit you perfectly. In any case, bear in mind that poppers made from hexyl nitrite are among the innovations of the year 2021.


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